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REGION: Pacific

ORIGIN: Indonesia

PROCESS: Wet Hulled

DRYING: Sundried


Earthy, Chocolate, Long Finish


Earthy, Chocolate, Long Finish


Always a customer (and staff) favorite!


Notes from the Roaster

The nearly 1500 members of the Koperasi Kopi Gayo Organik (KKGO) live and farm in the Aceh districts of Indonesia, renowned for high quality coffee. These producers also frequently grow lamtoro, orange and tamarillo trees for shade and food.

Indonesia is perhaps best known for its unique wet hulling process (giling basah) – adopted to mitigate the impact of the high humidity and inconsistent rainfall typical in Sumatra. At higher elevations with constant humidity and unpredictable rainfall, drying can be to be slow, risky and difficult. With wet hulling, the coffee cherry is harvested and pulped at or near the farm, fermented overnight, and then sun-dried for between half a day and two days.

We are excited to introduce the coffee from this co-operative.  It is the cleanest example of an Indonesian coffee we have seen in a long time.  Occasionally coffee from this region have processing issues, so when we found this one we knew we had to snap it up.  With notes of earthiness and chocolate, this offering won't last long.

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