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Panic Pack

Don’t you love a rad encore?

Panic Pack

Don’t you love a rad encore?



Notes from the Roaster

Surprise surprise, Widespread fans!  We’ve unlocked a secret stash of our Widespread Panic Proving Grounds so, the Panic Pack (one can of Up All Night; once of Proving Grounds) is back for a limited time!  Come and get ‘em. They’ll go quick.

Each coffee comes in a limited edition keepsake industrial tin can featuring a custom illustration by artist Jeff Wood. For over 15 years, Wood has been illustrating and designing posters for Widespread Panic.

Proving Grounds is a playful blend of Colombia and Ethiopia beans that roast up to be a lighter cup with hints of cherry and spices, with a complex floral finish. It's great for everyday drinking or for those long jam sessions.

Up All Night is a robust but smooth blend from the lands of Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. With hints of Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Roasted Chestnut it’s a great companion to start your day, kick start the afternoon, or crunch a deadline.

Due to the special nature of this product, the Panic Pack is not eligible for discounts.

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