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dark roast coffee


ORIGIN: Mexico

Café La Neta

Coffee with Cinnamon and Piloncillo (Brown Sugar)

Café La Neta

Coffee with Cinnamon and Piloncillo (Brown Sugar)


Great iced or hot!


Notes from the Roaster

Café de Olla, popularized during the Mexican Revolution, is historically a rustic and wildly delicious clay pot beverage - a blend of strong black coffee, piloncillo (a stone-like traditional brown sugar), and cinnamon.  We have teamed up with High Road Craft Ice Cream to create Café La Neta, a delicious coffee inspired by a traditional coffee drink from Mexico.  

Our reimagined version is comprised of a specially sourced Mexican coffee from Fina La Laja in the Huatusco region, and the best versions of piloncillo and cinnamon we could find.  The coffee has a sweet, floral and chocolate profile that blends wonderfully with the natural flavors of the other ingredients.  Expressed in ways both traditional and modern, you will love this unique and flavorful beverage.  Pre-ground and perfect as either drip or French press.


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