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medium roast coffee

ROAST: Light

REGION: Africa

ORIGIN: Uganda

PROCESS: Natural

DRYING: Sun Dried


Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate Finish


Blueberry, Raspberry, Chocolate Finish



Notes from the Roaster

Cultivated in the sandy loam soil of the foothills of the majestic Rwenzori mountain near the town of Kasese, our natural processed Mubuku Natural coffee cherries are collected and processed at a station situated along the Mubuku River.  This river runs from the glacial caps of the mountain through the fertile farmland into Lake George and to the African Great Lake system and is bordered by Queen Elisabeth and Rwenzori National Parks.

With notes of blueberry, raspberry and chocolate, this is the nicest green we have seen come from this country.  Jittery Joe's has traditionally used other regions for our natural process coffees, but when we tasted this Ugandan coffee, we knew we had to share it. Roasted light to preserve its delicate but complex flavor notes, this coffee isn't one to miss. 

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