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dark roast coffee

ROAST: medium

REGION: Americas

ORIGIN: Guatemala


PROCESS: washed

DRYING: patio

GUATEMALA Union Cantinil Organic

smoky, caramel, smooth

GUATEMALA Union Cantinil Organic

smoky, caramel, smooth

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Notes from the Roaster

These organic beans herald from Huehuetenango – a region where the hot air of the Tehuantepec Plains meets the cool air of the Cuhumantanes Mountains to create a microclimate perfect for high altitude coffee cultivation.

Adding to these ideal growing conditions, the coffee cultivars of the region are also beekeepers.  Yes, coffee trees are self-pollinating; however, bees enhance plant production by up to 25%.

Growers are committed to environmentally sustainable coffee cultivation; they hand pick, pulp, and lay beans on parchment to dry on raised beds. 

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