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medium roast coffee

ROAST: medium

REGION: Africa

ORIGIN: Burundi

PROCESS: natural

DRYING: sun-dried


Cinnamon, tart fruit, and sweet lemon


Cinnamon, tart fruit, and sweet lemon


Notes from the Roaster

Know as the 'Heart of Africa' due to its geographic shape its location on the continent, landlocked Burundi's climate and topography set the ideal growing conditions for the Red Bourbon varietal beans introduced to the country in the early 1930s by the Belgians. Today, after the 2006 end of the civil war and the privatization of the industry in 2009, 80 million coffee bushes cultivated by 800,000 farmers are producing award winning beans.

Our crop hails from the Kayanza region and is processed at the Masha station where from March-June each year nearly 3,500 farmers deliver ripe cherries produced by 1 million coffee trees. The cherries are naturally processed in the traditional method of sun drying the beans on raised beds. This traditional approach of drying while the bean remains encased in the cherry produces flavorful coffee - marked by citrus notes. 

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