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medium roast coffee

ROAST: medium

ORIGIN: Colombia, Ethiopia

Widespread Panic Proving Grounds

Cherry, spices, floral finish

Widespread Panic Proving Grounds

Cherry, spices, floral finish


"Really wanna move like I'd like to. Sometimes I remember myself. Really wanna feel like I'm 'supposed to' "


Notes from the Roaster

Introducing Proving Grounds, the worthy encore to Up All Night, our wildly successful initial coffee release with Widespread Panic. Continuing the band's love of coffee, Proving Grounds is a playful blend of Colombia and Ethiopia beans. Working with our Roastmaster Charlie Mustard, the group created a lighter cup with hints of cherry and spices, with a complex floral finish. It's great for everyday drinking or for those long jam sessions. So enjoy in the morning or well into the night.

Proving Grounds comes in a limited edition keepsake can that features the unique and wonderful style of Matt Leuning.  Featuring the infamous Note Eater, the can is a fantastic collection piece.

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