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medium roast coffee

ROAST: medium

ORIGIN: Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico

Cups of Dawn

sweet chocolate and a smoky, nut finish

Cups of Dawn

sweet chocolate and a smoky, nut finish


A worthy successor to Trucker Speed and a continued tip of the cap to the Athens music scene.

Notes from the Roaster

Says Patterson Hood, Drive-By Truckers co-founder and singer-guitarist: "Trucker Speed was such a success a few years ago that they've conspired with us to create Cups of Dawn, a delightful city's medium roasted blend perfect to launch you into a brighter day. Cans designed by long time DBT artist Wes Freed and a portion of the money to Nuci's Space. There's no resisting that."

Cups of Dawn is a custom blend of Guatemala Finca Ixlama, Guatemala Adisque, Brazil Machado, and Mexico Chiapas. The final product is a smooth cup of coffee that has a subtle, sweet chocolate body and a smoky, nut finish. Cups of Dawn hydrates the palate making it a refreshing, morning coffee.

The limited edition keepsake can features a custom illustration by Wes Freed. For years, Freed’s illustrations have become the visual equal to the Drive-By Trucker’s music having appeared on countless posters, t-shirts, stickers, and every album cover since the critically acclaimed Southern Rock Opera.

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