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ROAST: dark

REGION: Pacific

ORIGIN: Indonesia

PROCESS: wet hulled

DRYING: sundried

INDONESIA Sumatra Wahana

Earthy, Cocoa Powder, Long Finish

INDONESIA Sumatra Wahana

Earthy, Cocoa Powder, Long Finish


Always a customer (and staff) favorite!


Notes from the Roaster

We visited the estate several years ago and witnessed first-hand the farm's growing process and dedication to its employees.  Wahana, which translates to "vessels for great success", employs 800-1,000 local workers, who have access to an on-site health clinic, free housing, drinking water, and a nursery and kindergarten for young children.

Regarding the coffee, quality remains the highest priority - there are 13 different varieties grown on the estate's 250 hectares.  Coffee trees are shade grown under local Lamtoro trees.  North Sumatra's ideal climate has helped to make it famous for coffee production - our current offering does not disappoint!  A tasting yields notes of earth and cocoa powder with a long finish.

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