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dark roast coffee

ROAST: dark

ORIGIN: Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala

Tour de Force

Sweet Chocolate, Stone Fruit

Tour de Force

Sweet Chocolate, Stone Fruit



Notes from the Roaster

Drip, French press, or espresso, this is a lively citrusy blend with fantastic crema retention. As a dark roast or silky espresso, Tour de Force is roasted dark enough to hold up to milk just fine or try it straight to experience a finish that just keeps going on and on.

 Tour de Force continues the tradition started by Morning Ride, our original and long-standing best-selling coffee. Steeped in the history of our cycling roots, Tour de Force reflects our mission to roast the best coffee anywhere by sourcing world-class beans. So whether you are going for a leisurely afternoon ride or climbing Georgia’s Brasstown Bald, this coffee will meet every challenge.

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