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Our Story

Humble beginnings, hard work, and a lot of support from some great friends and our community.

How it all began...

Jittery Joe's Coffee was started in 1994 next to the famous 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. The connection with the club helped Jittery Joe's become something larger than anyone would have imagined.

Jittery Joe's remained busy all through the day and night. Joe's clientele included everyone from the Mayor, teachers, and construction workers coming in during the morning, to students, townies, and artists coming in at night. The Jittery Joe's buzz was helped with frequent celebrity guests such as Michael Stipe of R.E.M., the B-52s, comedians Penn and Teller, and many others.

Shortly after Jittery Joe's opened in 1994, The Simpsons aired an episode that parodied the movie Thelma and Louise. In that episode Marge goes to a diner named Jittery Joe's. The founders did a national name search, discovered that the name was not copyrighted and obtained a federal trademark.

At one time Jittery Joe's was the official coffee of Antarctica. According to Rolling Stone Magazine the #5 underground album of all time is "Live at Jittery Joe's ." Rolling Stone Magazine also named Jittery Joe's one of the top 24 hour coffee houses in America.

Head Roaster of Jittery Joe's, Charlie

↑ Jittery Joe’s Head Roaster, Charlie Mustard

Words We Live By...

Your cup of coffee is only as good as the beans we roast and we want to make sure you receive the very best! Not only does Jittery Joe’s Coffee strive to source the best beans available, but we also roast in small batches to allow for greater quality and care. This process allows us to be intimately involved in every roasting batch to ensure you’re getting the best cup of coffee possible.

Coffee Roaster with beans

So what makes Jittery Joe’s Coffee better than the rest? Although our hands on approach to roasting coffee may take more time, we think your taste buds will appreciate the effort. We believe that our extensive roasting know-how, combined with the freshness and superior quality of our beans, will ultimately provide you with the best cup of coffee out there.