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medium roast coffee

ROAST: medium

ORIGIN: Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua

Whoop Ass

tart cherry, floral, smooth chocolate

Whoop Ass

tart cherry, floral, smooth chocolate


It will make you want to invite some friends over and open up a can.


Notes from the Roaster

Central and South American coffees are roasted alone and then brought together in the perfect matchup of morning coffee. Whoop Ass is medium bodied, medium roasted, with a sweet nice bite to get the day started off right.

Our trained up can pays homage to Irving “Battlin’” Ripps, a relative of the Joe’s family. Irving immigrated to the U.S. in the 1920’s and took up boxing in his new home, racking up victories and fans along his career.

In honor of the plucky Ripps’ fighting spirit, we decided to create a design fit for a hard-punching heavyweight. Using world-class metal lithography, the vibrant three-color custom design pops like a title belt with areas of exposed shimmering industrial tin.

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